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Troubleshooting & Drinking Tea

March 18, 2016 1 min read

Drinking Tea Is An Important Part Of Troubleshooting & An Important Life Skill!

A Refreshing Brew Gives The 5 Mins.That Are Necessary For The VPN Connection To Be Established. 

Checking Connections & Then Turning Your Router Off & On, Waiting 5mins Whilst Drinking Tea Are Normally All That Is Required To Get Connected Again. 

If You Are Still Having Problems Contact Your VPN Service Support. It Is Their Service & They Are Best Placed To Get You Connected To Their Service.

If They Cant Help You Then Please Email

We Would Like To Thank Mr. Arthur Dent For His Helpful Tea Recommendation From His Useful Book "Networkers Guide To The Galaxy" - Currently Out Of Print Due To Bad Asteroid Problems - Too Much Sitting Down On The Job.