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HowTo Enter A Script So That IPVanish Will Work On Your Router

March 23, 2016 2 min read

Our DD-WRT Routers will work with most VPN Providersbut IPVanish has a good service and is a very popular choice with our customers, so we have provided instructions so that you can easily get connected to IPVanish VPN if you want to.

If you have already asked us to set up your router to work with IPVanish you must NOT follow these instructions as we will have done this for you already.

If that is the case and you have already asked us to set up IPVanish so that all you need to do is add your username and password then  please follow this link "How To Add Your IPVanish Username, Password & Select A Server"  or if you also provided us with your IPVanish VPN Username and Password then all you need to do is turn on the router and wait 5 mins. for it to connect to IPVanish.

In both of these cases you can also refer to either the email we sent you or the printed instructions that were included with your router.

You can always contact us at if you are unsure how to proceed.

You should follow the below instructions on this blog post if you did not specify to us which VPN service you wanted to use and you would now like to use IPVanish and you are signed up with them.

We have provided instructions below so that you can set up your dd-wrt router to work with IPVanish. 

Please ensure that you have already followed the easy set up instructionsand that your new dd-wrt router is connected to your existing router and that you now have a working internet connection.

If we are now all sitting happily then we can begin;

Enter into your browser to open the dd-wrt window on the browser.

Click Administration > Management > (go to the bottom of the page) and Click Reboot Router

Click Administration > Commands

Then click on this text file & copy and paste the contents of this text file in to the Commands Window ( or similar window depending on dd-wrt version)

Next enter your own username and password at the top of the script.

Next change server addresses if you want to. Its at the top too near username and password.

You can get a list of server addresses from where you login on the IPVanish website. 

Then  Click 'Save Startup' once all the changes have been made.

Click Administration > Management > (scroll to the bottom) Reboot Router

Wait 5 mins.

Test the connection to check you are connected to IPVanish VPN.

If not simply turn off and then on , wait 5 mins. & you will be connected.