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October 28, 2016 2 min read

It can be nice to hop from country to country when using a VPN on a pc rather than a router.
Its not so easy to change servers and hence country on a router but it can be done quickly with practise by logging into your router and with IPVanish by just changing the server address. We provide easy steps so you can do this in the instructions we send out with every router.
However, for convenience I would recommend using your system like this. This is one of the really cool things about having two routers.
Decide which country you want your router to be on and stick with that country. So everything you connect to your new router will access the interent via your VPN from your country of choice.All your devices connected to your new router will be protected by your VPN service.
Now remember you have your original ISP router that accesses the internet normally. Simply connect to this router on a pc or device that has the IPvanish software on it and use that machine to hop around when you need it.
So you protect all your devices on the second router with a static country and you hop about like crazy on the other machine on the first router just using the IPVanish app on a PC.
This way you do not have to change settings all the time on the router but you have the flexability to go where you like. Remember too that you can do this simply by connecting by wifi from one router to another so changing a device from one router to another is easy.