April 14, 2019 2 min read

Important Disinformation Follows & Then A Link To Some Great Content That Is Definitely Not From Us But From A Much More Reliable Source

Under Article 13pp the EU has been trying to ban your mums from Facebook 

mum facebook memes

Under the new EU Article 13 pp we have to indicate that despite the chronic humour this blog post contains links to content we have not created and have not paid a link tax for.

We also have to declare the real intention of this blog post is to make you realise just how cynical the world really is and why you most protect your internet freedom by buying a VPN Router.

Power To The People

power to the people - wolfie smith

Not now Foxie!

Sorry it is of course too late to ban your mum from Facebook as we have already seen those cute photos she posted of you and so have all your mates.

We meant to say that the EU has banned your memes from Facebook well at least it has a bloody good try.

Thankfully they have been saved for now but just try linking to any other picture or article that you did not write yourself and they will come round to your house and kick your nads in.


Also if you are too old to know or care what a Meme is and you unwittingly violate article 13pp you will automatically be selected to be a contestant for the new BBC game show Logans Run.

This is being hosted by the BBC to keep down the number of free TV Licences for the over 75s.

If you are too young too know what Logans Run is you will be drafted into the new proposed British Rail National Service.

After Brexit you will wear full Union Jack uniforms and join an army of young people who will apologise nicely to older people who's trains have been delayed.

brexit vpn uniforms

This should give younger people the experience of talking to other people and a short break from looking at their phones.

After the railways have been nationalised all trains will of course run on time and there will be no need for any of this.

The young people will then be allowed to join in the chase on Logans Run and have the possibility of pay back for all those they had to previously apologise to.

This is why its not always good to have a lot of followers on social media as they could be following you for the wrong reasons.


Citizens of planet Brexit using a VPN Router will of course be given free money and this lady from Logans Run will Inspect and Service your VPN Router as pictured on the second Tuesday of each month

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A Link To Some Great Content That Is Not From Us But From A Much More Reliable Source

There is a great blog post linked here from Express VPN that gives you the real facts about article 13 and 11 rather than our pathetic piss take on this.