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February 03, 2017 3 min read

You cant use our discount codes on Amazon.
But you can use Amazon Pay to buy a VPN Router on our website with a discount code and get the protection of buying through Amazon Pay. 
Ask a question on a Friday on Amazon and we reply wid a bad rap !
We are always happy to give you the how and the why, but we also have to rhyme on a Friday so please stand by,
heres the why coming up and we just have to say, its best to use the vpn each and every day, that way with encryption your online use stays private that way, and if there is a choice we would always do it that way,
but some times life just gets complex, there are websites and services that if they see a VPN they just get vex, so there is the why because sometimes you will need, to use the normal internet for some services you see,
you might not be able to buy from a website if they cant check your IP, or watch a favorite show from your subscription channel, because some of them say VPN No - so that would be a place that you just couldnt go,
so now we come on to the how if you understand the why, and this is just so easy and you will understand how, each router has a wireless connection you know the wifi, but this is a how and defo not a why, and the how is that you just connect to the wifi that you want, me gives an example so you can easy see,
the vpn router wifi is called tomato24, and you know if you connect to it that the VPN is on the score and you will be anonymous and they will know no more, but if you are applying for that job at the university or with the big goverment man, or in the city, then they want to see your home IP, so you better select your wifi from good old BT!
Well im glad that over. Some times a rap is worth a thousand words and does a brillaint job in explaining and entertaining but this time it didnt.
There will be times when you cant use your VPN and thats one of the nice things about the setup with our routers.
You end up with two routers because the vpn router that you buy from us just plugs into the back of your existing router and then you just use the two different wifi connections to swap from router to router.
You know when you see that thing on your phone or laptop or tablet about wireless connections to choose from.
Well you would choose tomato24 if you want the vpn and choose your old existing wireless connection from your old existing router if you want the normal internet.
Thanks I hope that helps and also makes you smile - we are always happy to help so please ask if you need more info on bad rap Friday - we cant rhyme but our routers are on time
Our VPN Routers work with all Internet Service Providers and most VPN Providers like IPVanish, NORD VPN & Express VPN. If you look on the VPN websites they give good information about what you can do with their VPN services. I hope that helps.