April 01, 2019 2 min read

Brexit VPN Router

Power To The People

It was announced by the EU (01/04/2019) that any residents of the UK who wish to stay in the EU can simply purchase a VPN Router with the server set to Tooting in South London.

This would allow them to log onto the EU website and then virtually claim European Citizenship by living in an EU recognised Independent Peoples State.

The EU website uses geo-location  to confirm your status as a valid EU citizen by living in Independent Tooting Peoples State.

Your use of a VPN Router with server set to Tooting will enable you to do this.

As Tooting was declared by the Tooting Popular Front as an independent state from the UK but Aligned to at that time the common market. Both the EU and TPF have the common goals of which are "Power to the People" and "Freedom for Tooting" .

A visit to the UN building can see the document where in the 1970s the leaders of the common market signed the declaration of alignment for Tooting along with the leader of the TPF.

This document clearly enshrines the legal right of any virtual citizen of Tooting the undeniable right of Permanent Common Market membership and that the rights of these virtual citizens cannot be revoked.

At the time it was envisaged that the virtual citizen applications would be made by SAE or Stamped Addressed Envelopes but the EU have confirmed and provided the website sign up required to implement this in the modern age.

At the time this was to ensure that brothers of the TPF could never be taken by force from the Common Market and this now applies to the EU.

Your rights as an EU citizen are immutable if you are a virtual citizen of Tooting.

The UK government are delighted by this as they see this as the solution that will unite the country.

Brexit can now go ahead, as remainer MPs have agreed to vote for Mays' withdrawal bill as long as the Peoples Independent Declaration for Tooting is drafted as a separate legal document alongside the Political Agreement.

The UK government have under the direction of the speaker of the house been denied the right to repeatedly place the withdrawal bill before the house.

The speaker has agreed that adding the Peoples Independent Declaration For Tooting meets his test for a bill being different and so the 4th vote can now go ahead.

This will unite the country as it will enable those who wish to remain to remain and enable those who wish to leave to leave.

It is expected that MP's will debate what is being called the Tooting Deal and that this will have a majority in the house.

Apart from leaving early on Friday no other idea apart from the Tooting Deal has a chance of gaining a majority from the House.

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POWER TO THE PEOPLE……………………………………