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March 31, 2021 1 min read

Changing server is not as simple as using the app from Nord VPN or Express VPN but it is now very easy. You just log into the router by typing192.168.17.1 and enter the routers username and password when asked. You then click on the VPN tab and delete the old server address and enter the new countries server address into the server address box and click save and then click apply. Job done!

Our customers tell us the thing they like most about using a VPN Router is that they know if they can use the internet on a device that is connected to the VPN Router then they know their VPN service must be working because the VPN Router only allows access to the internet via your VPN service. This keeps you safe online. 

Your new VPN Router will never let you use the internet without the protection of your VPN service. 

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