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October 11, 2016 1 min read

Gaming Routers for Xbox and Playstation 

Game over your VPN on a DD-WRT Router or Tomato Router. We are listening to you and we will give you what you want.

The time travel feature although a popular request has not been implemented yet on these Tomato routers but who knows what tomorrow already gave or may bring.

But through the portals of provision to your requests we have now implemented the Kill Switch on all our Tomato & DDWRT VPN Routers

Yes when your VPN gets disconnected we will terminate your internet connection on all devices connected to your DD_WRT or Tomato router.

 So your identity remains hidden but you will still be in the same temporal time zone that you started in unless you are using the Tor Network and you will be all over the place at once but no where in particular.

The Keep Alive feature is nice when all around you drops dead. If you have no internet the router will reboot to get you connected to your VPN tunnel again - Nice

Look out for our Tomato X Box Routers, DD-WRT X Box Routers, Tomato PS4 Routers & DD-WRT PS4 Routers  coming soon .....................