Get Ready For April 1st - With A VPN Router. Post about ID Verification in the UK

March 07, 2019 1 min read

Check out this news. It's Not April Fools day or is it?

Protect your right to privacy with your VPN Service and a new VPN Router.

Why give your ID details to unknown organisations?

When ordering your new VPN Router just select a Non UK server in the options.

Then any device you connect to your VPN Router will appear to be from another more forward thinking and liberal country which can be very useful sometimes.....................

A great reason to use your VPN service with a VPN Router is the protection the VPN Routers kill switch can give you.

A kill switch is software code we add to the VPN Router.

This code ensures that if your VPN service ever gets disconnected then your internet use is prevented from the VPN Router.

The VPN Router will then automatically reconnect to your VPN service and you can then continue to use the internet again once the VPN tunnel is safely connected.

This prevents your actual IP address and location being broadcast on the internet.

Stay safe with a VPN Router.