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July 27, 2023 3 min read

How to get the 24 digit username and password openvpn credentials from the Express VPN Website.

Please note these are different to your normal website login details for Express VPN and you will need the 24 digit username and password so do please follow the below instructions.

In This Blog Post We Show You How To Get Your Express VPN Open VPN Credentials

When you buy a VPN Router from us for use with Express VPN you can select the " I like it easy option" to ask us to add your Express VPN Open VPN Credentials to the vpn router for you or you can select the " I will add the details myself " option if you want to add them yourself. When you click on a VPN Router on our website  these options will appear!

Whatever option you pick you will need to get the Express VPN Open VPN Credentials from You will need them so you can email them to us or so you can add them to your new vpn router yourself. We include printed instructions with each VPN Router that shows you how to do this. 

What Are Express VPN Open VPN  Credentials

They are just a 24 digit long username and 24 digit long password. They are not a file. They are different to your normal Express VPN login username and login password.  


How To Get Your Express VPN OpenVPN Credentials

Please do this on a PC or Laptop.

  1. Type this into your browser

  1. Enter your email and password and click sign in.

 express vpn login

 3. Now click the red setup button on the top right.

how to get express vpn credential on to vpn router

 4. This window will now appear. Scroll down on the left and click on Manual Configuration. You must not click on the setup router pictures and buttons that are on the right. We are doing a manual configuration so click on Manual Configuration and not anything else please. Do not click on router.

  1. After Clicking On Manual Configuration this window will appear 
  1. Click On the Blue OpenVPN button and your unique username and password which are your openvpn credentials ,24 digit username and 24 digit password will appear- ( We have blacked out ours above but yours will be shown there) Copy & paste these in to a text document and save the document. You now have your openvpn credentials which are a 24 digit username and a 24 digit password.


You can now log out of Express VPN or Just close the window.

If Express VPN change the layout of their website you may not see the exact layout shown above but it should be obvious how to get the Credentials required for manual configuration, which is what you want.


Please note in the good old days you could just add your normal Express VPN username and password to the VPN Router but now the Credentials are required.

This blog post will also help existing customers who now need to add the Service Credentials to the VPN Router.

You can get them by following this blog post and you can then follow your printed instructions that were sent with your router so you can add the credentials to the VPN router.

Please read the " I will add my own details" section and instead of adding your normal username and password, just delete these and replace them with the Credential Username and Credential Password and save these details.