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March 29, 2017 3 min read

How to order a VPN Router
We are a small company but we go the extra mile to help our customers. We know as a small company that word of mouth is the best way to grow our business and we will ensure you are 100% happy with your new VPN router because we want you to tell your friends about us.
You will need to place an order on our website when you are ready.
If you click on this link it will take you to our collection of VPN routers.
We recommend this router as it is very fast and has excellent wifi and is very good value for money
You need to have a subscription with an existing VPN provider.
Our VPN Routers will work with all providers but we recommend IPVanish if you are not sure as they have very fast servers. Nord VPN & Express VPN are also very good.
Once you have signed up with a VPN service you are ready to buy a vpn router.
We have two ways of setting this up for you. If you click on the picture of the vpn router it will tell you more about the router and you will also see the products option boxes. You can use these options to tell us what VPN provider to set the router up with.
You can also select the " I like it easy option" or " I will add my own details"
If you choose the easy option you can type your VPN username and vpn password into the boxes. We will set the vpn router up with your details so that when you recive it all you need to do is connect it to your existing router and it will automatically connect to your VPN service.
We do not keep a record of your details after setting up the router. This is the most popular choice.
Or you can choose to add your own details. We will do most of the setup and send you easy instructions so you can add your own username and password.
We set up all vpn routers with a UK server unless you tell us to use another server
A UK server gives the best service and coverage if you live in the UK and you will still be anonymous

We Have Configured The Router To Work With All VPN Service Providers. All You Need To Do Is Add Your VPN Username Details. We Supply You With Very Easy Instructions To Help You Do This & We Also Provide Online Support To Ensure You Get Connected. 

For IPVanish VPN, Express VPN, Private Internet Access VPN, Hide My Ass VPN, Nord VPN & Pure VPN We Can Now Add Your VPN Details To The Router For You. Simply Select The "I Like It Easy" Option When Ordering So That Your Router Will Simply Connect To Your Existing VPN Service When You Connect It. That is Easy!

All Our VPN Routers Now Come With An Automatic Kill Switch That Stops You Accessing The Internet & Exposing Your IP Address When Your VPN Service Disconnects. Your Router Will Then Automatically Re-establish The Connection With Your VPN Service & You Will Then Be AbleTo UseThe Internet Again Safely.

Imagine Having This Router At Home With Your VPN Service Installed On It. This Gives You An Extra Layer of Hardware Security That Is Just Not Possible When Using A VPN On Your Computer Alone.

Stay Safe On All Your Devices & Buy A VPN Router Today. Do Not Risk Exposing Your Personal Details Online By Not Using One. All VPNs Get Disconnected & Our Routers Will Keep You Safe When This Happens.

Using A VPN Like IPVanish Prevents Your ISP From Throttling Your Internet Connection - No More Buffering! 

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