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November 11, 2016 2 min read

Yes you can change server on a router but its not as easy or as straight forward as jumping about on your pc with the IPVanish app.
However , most of our customers find using the set up I describe below to be really useful and convenient to use as it combines the saftey of using a vpn on a router with a kill switch and the flexibilty of using the pc app. See what you think.
The router you buy from us connects to your existing ISP router, so you will now have two routers. Everything you connect to your first router the existing ISP router either by ethernet cable or by wireless will access the internet normally.
Everything you connect to your new second router either by ethernet cable or by wireless will access the internet via your VPN as long as the 1st router is still turned on.
Most customers like to have their new second router set to work with a UK server so you can access more UK websites.
But you can also connect a PC to the first router and use the IPVanish App to jump from country to country on the first router.
So you could be using one pc thats in the USA on the first router and at the same time everything connected to the second router is using the ipvanish uk server.
This set up gives you the convenience and protection that the kill switch provides to all devices on your new second router but also allows you the fun of hopping from country to country on the ipvanish app on a pc connected to the first router.
Its easy to move devices between routers just by connecting them to the different wifi. This option works well and is great once you get used to it and stops the need for fiddling with the router.
We recomend the above but we can also set your router up with two backup files. One for UK and one for USA. You can simply restore a back up file and then turn the router off and on and it will connect to the country of choice.
We also send you instructions so if you want you can change the server address on the router to any server you want with IPVanish but this does take more work.
For most people who want an easy life and dont just want to play with the router to see what it does, the set up we described above is easy and does the job.
We recommend selecting the " I like it easy" product option when ordering so that we can set the router up with your IPVanish Username and Password so that all you need to do when you recieve it is connect it and you will connect to IPVanish. Easy!
If you prefer you can also add your details your self and we will send you instructions to do this.
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