April 15, 2019 2 min read

Dont Be Reckless - Use a Kill Switch. 

Listen to Pinky. He Knows. 

Mr Pink Thinks This Is Why You Should Use A VPN Router

All Our VPN Routers Now Come With An Automatic Kill Switch That Stops You Accessing The Internet & Exposing Your IP Address & Spewing Your Details In To The Public Domain When Your VPN Service Accidently Disconnects.

Your Router Will Then Automatically Re-establish The Connection With Your VPN Service & You Will Then Be AbleTo UseThe Internet Again Safely.

Imagine Having This Router At Home With Your VPN Service Installed On It. This Gives You An Extra Layer of Hardware Security That Is Just Not Possible When Using A VPN On Your Computer Alone.

Stay Safe On All Your Devices & Buy A VPN Router Today. Do Not Risk Exposing Your Personal Details Online By Not Using One. All VPNs Get Disconnected & Our Routers Will Keep You Safe When This Happens.

Mr Pink Says "VPNs Are Essential For Your Privacy But When You Establish A VPN Tunnel Between Your Computer & The VPN Server You Have Established Just That A Tunnel Right Into Your Computer."

Mr Pink Says "When You Use A VPN On Your Router You Are Protected By The Routers Firewall. With A VPN Router You Get The Encrypted VPN Tunnel But You Can Stop Anything That Should Not Be There Crawling Down It. The Firewall On A VPN Router Keeps You Safe. Dont be Reckless.

Use A VPN Yes - But With Protection From Your Router. Security Systems Should Not Rely On Trust. With A VPN On Your Router You Get The Benefits Of The VPN Without The Open Door To Your Data That Could Be Caused If Someone Infiltrated The Server Or Tunnel.

Think About It. Why Take The Risk?

"Flashed With DDWRT Or Tomato Firmware All Our Routers Have Been Configured For Plug n Play With Your Existing Internet Service Provider Router.

Works With All UK ISPs Including BT, Plus Net, Sky, Talk Talk & Virgin Media.

That Makes It All Very Easy - You Just Plug Your New DD-WRT Or Tomato Router In To Your Existing Router & Use It Alongside. This Effectively Gives You A Second Network. 

Now This Is The Good Bit  :

A Nice Use For This Is To Use One Network For Normal Internet & Use The Second Network For VPN Only.

So Every Device You Connect To Your Old Router Will Be On Your Normal Internet.

Everything You Connect To Your New DDWRT Or Tomato Router Will Be On Your VPN Service.

This Is A Great Way To Get Most Devices Including Smart TVs, Android TV Boxes & Mobiles On To A VPN Service.


Look At Our Linksys VPN Tomato Router