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May 07, 2017 2 min read

You can use your new VPN Router with BT Infinity or any other UK Internet Service Provider. This is a reply we sent to a customer and we thought we would share it on our blog for you all
It does not replace your Home Hub.
You connect your new vpn router from its internet port by the supplied ethernet cable into the back of your existing home hub. It goes into one of the ethernet ports on the Home Hub or any Internet Service Provider Router.
It works with all ISP routers- all of them!
This is really cool because you end up with two routers.
Every device you connect to your home hub either by ethernet cable or wifi will continue to use the internet normally.
& this is the bit we like, every device that you connect to your VPN Router either by ethernet cable or wifi will only access the internet via your VPN service. So you can connect a smart TV or a TV box or a laptop or anything you like and it will be on your existing VPN service.
You have to be signed up and paying for an active subscription with a VPN Service to be able to use the VPN Router.
When ordering a vpn router on our website if you click on the vpn router that you want to buy you will see the products options.
Select "I like it easy" and then just type the username & password that your VPN Service gave you when you signed up with them. We will then add these details to the VPN Router for you and when you recieve it you just connect it to your Home Hub and it will automatically connect to your VPN Service.
The other option is to select " I will add my own details". We will then do most of the setup for you and send you easy instructions with the router so that you can add your own VPN username & VPN password. ( These will have been given to you when you signed up with your VPN service)
IPVanish VPN , Nord VPN & Express VPN are the most popular with our customers because they have a fast service and work well with our VPN Routers. We have also just started selling Vypr VPN Routers and these are also a great VPN provider.
Please use discount code May£20 to save £20 on any vpn router from the website price.
If you are looking for an entry level vpn router and you are just going to be streaming on one device at a time we recommend this vpn router the Linksys N300. This will take you to the IPVanish Version
If you will be streaming on many devices we recommend this vpn router the Netgear Nighthawk R7000.This will take you to the IPVanish Version
Buying a VPN Router and just plugging it in , is the best and easiest way to protect your privacy.