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February 13, 2017 2 min read

This is what our VPN routers do. They are to protect your home network and encrypt all your internet use from the VPN router. If you access the internet from any device that is connected to your VPN Router either by ethernet cable or wifi then your Internet Service provider will not know which sites you are visiting and all your internet traffic will be encoded so no one not even,  Mrs Miggins that seemingly kindly old lady from next door who could be using wireshark to sniff your packets, can see your data or what you are doing.This keeps you safe online.

This would be the process if you wanted to do this

First of all you need to sign up with a VPN provider. We recommend IPVanish or Nord VPN as they have a fast secure service that works well with our routers. You will pay them a subscription.

Then we recommend buying this router as it is very fast and has fantastic wireless range and a very fast duel core 1 ghz processor so you will have a fast internet via this VPN router

You can choose to supply your VPN username and password so we can add all the details to the router for you. This is the most popular option.
Or we can do most of the setup and send you easy instructions so you can add your own details

Once the details are on the router you just connect it into the back of your old existing Internet service provider router.

Now this is the cool part

You now have two routers

Everything you connect to your old existing router will access the internet normally

Everything you connect to your new VPN router either by wifi or ethernet cable will only access the internet via your VPN service.

So this is a great way of getting smart tvs or and any devices that you want onto a VPN. You just connect it to your VPN router. Hurrah!

Now the other cool thing is you can easily move devices from router to router simply by looking for the wireless connection and connecting to it. So if you want to be on the VPN you could connect your laptop to the wireless connection of the VPN router and if you wanted to change it back to the normal router then you just look for the wireless connection of your existing ISP router

So  you connect your devices where you like depending if you want them on VPN or not and its also easy to swap them about!

Please email us on because we are happy to give more help its what we do!

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