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October 28, 2016 3 min read

Our routers share your VPN service to all your devices on your new second dd-wrt or Tomato router. This is the method of working with two routers. Here im going to explain how the set up works and this may be useful so you know what to expect when you buy a router from us.
You should have two routers that are left connected together by ethernet cable after you follow the instructions we send you when you purchase the router from us.
So you will now have two routers. Everything you connect to your first router the existing ISP router either by ethernet cable or by wireless will access the internet normally.
You should always be able to access the internet from this 1st router if it is turned on.
If you turn off your first router nothing will work on either router. Nothing will be connected.
But with your second router (as long as the first router is turned on ) it can be turned ON or OFF and you should still be able to access the internet on the first router.
Turning the second router ON or OFF will not affect the first router but if you turn off the 1st router nothing will ever work.
Everything you connect to your new second router either by ethernet cable or by wireless will access the internet via your VPN as long as the 1st router is still turned on.
Should your VPN disconnect you will not be able to access the internet at all from this second router until your VPN reconnects. This is the safety feature the Kill Switch that stops you spewing your details on to the internet when your VPN disconnects
This second router will turn it self on and off to automatically restablish a connection with your VPN if this happens. You will then be able to safley access the internet via your VPN again on your second router.
Now the good news is that you can easily move from router to router with your laptop or any wireless device.
Look for the DD-WRT or Tomato SSID in the wireless connections on your device. With a bit of practise you can swop about between both routers by clicking or the wifi network for the router that you want and using the wireless password from the sticker on your router.
A few websites do not allow access when on a VPN and you could access them from the first router using the normal internet.You would not be protected by your VPN so this would be your call but sometimes you will need todo this. Thats why you need both routers. There will always be instances where using a VPN is not an option and this is why it is best to have two routers.
Also this two router set up means that you can just connect the router you buy from us into your existing router with no further set up required if you choose the "I like it easy option" from the product options when ordering.
Its also nice to have your ISP router in place so you know you can just unplug your second router if you ever need to get support from your ISP.