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Changing Server With Nord VPN On A Linksys DD-WRT Router. Instructions & Video To Change To uk50

Some of our VPN Routers are set to use Nord VPN Server uk52.

This server has recently gone down and Nord Support have told us they dont know how long it will be before it is up and working again.

The solution is to change server. We have also created a video so you can see exactly how to do it and you will find that at the bottom of this page.

These instructions are for Linksys DD-WRT routers only.

If you have an Asus or Netgear DD-WRT Router then please click here <<<<<

If you have any Tomato Router then please click here <<<<<<

You can follow these easy instructions and use the supplied files to change to another UK server , uk50.

If you want to change to any other server you can follow the printed instructions that were sent with your router or ask us to email you another copy of your instructions.

We have simplified things here to make it easier for our customers who now need to change server and this puts all the required files in one place.

Now please click on this link, then highlight all the text and copy it.

You may want to paste this into a text document now so that you can save it on the computer that will be connecting to the VPN Router as the kill switch will prevent you from using the internet. So save the text file first.

 We are going to change to server,

Instructions For Linksys DD-WRT Routers

This VPN Router uses a connection script to connect to Nord VPN. You will replace the current script that is on your router for a new one with the new server details. You will then add your username and password to the new script.

 From a computer connected to your new vpn router; Log into your vpn router by typing into the address bar of your browser.

Use Mozilla Firefox if you have any problems logging in to your router. If asked type root and adminSAF3R into the User Name & Password box

The DD-WRT Interface will open.

Now Click on Administration tab & Commands tab

You will see a lot of text in the Startup Window. This is the script that controls your routers access to Nord VPN. Scroll down and click on edit in the Startup Window. Please be careful do not click Edit in the Firewall window by mistake.

After clicking Edit on the Startup Window it may appear that nothing has happened but if you scroll back up to the top you will see that the script text has now appeared in the command window.

We will make our changes here in the command window. You cannot type in the Startup window. 

Now click in the command window and select all the text and delete it.

Now paste in the text from the file that you saved earlier. This is the new script.

Now add your username and password between the speechmarks

Now click outside of the commands window so there is not a flashing cursor in the box and scroll down and click Save Startup.

Then turn your VPN router OFF by the power button.

Turn your New VPN router ON by the power button and wait 10 mins.

You should now be connected to your VPN provider on the new server UK 50. You will be able to use the internet if you are connected.