Terms & Conditions For Data Recovery

Data Recovery Terms & Conditions

1.General Information

1.1 ViP Data Recovery UK and VPN-Router are trading names of Lovecherry Limited. Where Lovecherry Ltd. is referred to in these Terms & Conditions  Lovecherry Limited is the legal name responsible for all operations and activities of VPN-Router and ViP Data Recovery UK. Lovecherry Limited is a UK Limited Company.

1.2 When Used In These Terms & Conditions “Customer” relates to any person, company or any other party that sends an iPhone or hardware or media to Lovecherry Ltd for data recovery if a data recovery service is offered.

1.3 If The Customer Books A Data Recovery Service Then They Agree To These Terms & Conditions when booking the service.

  1. Data Recovery Service & Payments

2.1 Lovecherry as part of its data recovery process will work to retrieve and then make a copy of the maximum amount of data from the customers media.

2.2 The Customer will pay the fixed amount when booking the data recovery as listed on the websites product description price.

2.3 On successful recovery of data Lovecherry Limited will return the data on either a USB stick or on an external drive. Data will be deemed to have been successfully recovered when data that is on the phone or device has been retrieved or a path to data has been achieved but an incorrect or non-supplied passcode has prevented recovery.

2.4 The customer thinking that data items should be present but were not will not be considered as a failure to retrieve data. Lovecherry Limited will only retrieve the data that is accessible on the device and this does not include any deleted items or items that are not present on the device at the time of the data retrieval process

2.5 If a path to data cannot be established then a partial refund of the agreed amount as listed on the product description will be given.

2.6 Lovecherry Limited Offer a Fixed Price Data Recovery Service and will not charge extra for providing this service.

2.7 Lovecherry Ltd. Will return the phone to the customer and if data retrieval is successful will also return a USB data stick or external drive containing the recovered data to the customer at a UK address by Special Delivery.

2.8 Lovecherry Limited will use best endeavour to complete the service in 15 working days or three weeks. Failure to complete in this time frame will not constitute a breach of contract.

2.9 The customer will only send to Lovecherry Limited phones that they legally own or have been instructed to work on by the legal owner. Lovecherry Limited protects its self and the owners of data by only working on phones that have the passcode supplied. The customer agrees that if no passcode is supplied or an incorrect passcode is supplied that the full payment will be chargeable and no refund due and the phone will be returned with no data retrieved.

  1. Delivery

3.1 The customer acknowledges that they have to pay to send the phone or hardware to Lovecherry Ltd.

3.2 The customer will not send any goods to Lovecherry Limited without first buying a data recovery service from Lovecherry Limited. This process involves purchasing the service on the website and ticking a box to agree to these terms and conditions.

3.3 The customer will not send any item with a value of more than £500. Any item sent will be deemed to have a value of less than £500. The customer will only send items from the UK. The customer will only send items via the Royal Mail Special Delivery Service and will insure the item for the full amount. The customer is responsible for paying for this delivery charge. Sending the phone to Lovecherry Limited is not included in the service price and will have to be paid to the post office by the customer.

3.4 Lovecherry Limited will pay for the return all items that have been paid for on a data recovery service by Insured Special Delivery to a UK address only. Lovecherry Limited will not in any circumstances send items outside of the UK

 3.5 Lovecherry Limited will not be held responsible for loss or damage to phones or hardware or drives or data loss or data destruction or data corruption or data misuse whilst being delivered to or from Lovecherry Limited.

3.6 Lovecherry Limited will not at any time be held responsible for loss or damage to phones, hardware or data loss, corruption or damage however caused at any time during delivery, return or the data recovery process.

  1. Confidentiality

4.1 All data recovered from a customer’s phone or other media is stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018

4.2 Lovecherry Limited will only keep a copy of the data for 7 days after sending the data back by Special Delivery. It will then be securely deleted.

4.3 Should the customer not contact Lovecherry Limited to say they have not received their data or their data has a problem within 7 days another data recovery will need to be booked and the full charge will need to be paid again as Lovecherry Ltd will need to complete another recovery as data protection laws prevent Lovecherry Ltd. from keeping a copy of the data.

4.4 The customer will contact Lovecherry Ltd within 7 days of Lovecherry Ltd sending the Customer an email confirming their phone and/or phone and data is being returned and inform Lovecherry Ltd  of any problem. Any problem reported after 7 days will require a new data recovery service.

4.5 Lovecherry Ltd agrees not to disclose information or data recovered from customers equipment except as required by law, without the consent of the client. 

  1. The Data Recovery Process- Important Information 

5.1 Lovecherry Ltd will be required to carry out work on the phone/media/data/equipment to attempt to recover the data. Therefore, the customer acknowledges that the phone /media/data/equipment is already damaged. The customer acknowledges that data recovery efforts may result in further damage to the phone/media/data/equipment and that the phone/media/data/equipment warranties may become void, and that Lovecherry Ltd is not responsible for this or any other type of damage or data loss or corruption.

5.2 The customer will not send Lovecherry Limited any phone or device or media that must be returned in a working condition. The customer acknowledges that the phone or device is being sent for the purpose of data recovery and may be returned in a damaged condition. If a phone is returned in a working condition and then stops working then this is not the responsibility of Lovecherry Ltd.

5.3 The customer understands that Lovecherry Ltd does not offer any guarantees or warranties of any kind and that the extent of any of Lovecherry Ltd. liability to the customer is strictly limited to the fees you pay Lovecherry Ltd for its data recovery service.

5.4 The customer agrees not to make any claim against Lovecherry Limited for loss or damage to phones or any other hardware or media. The customer agrees that data recovery is a hard process and will not make any claim against Lovecherry Limited even if it or its employees are found to be negligent for loss or corruption of data.

5.5 Limitation of liability for certain claims by the customer and/or third parties; indemnification. In no event will Lovecherry Ltd or its suppliers be liable for any damages based upon any claim of liability from the customer or from any third party, directly or indirectly, that the equipment or any data was damaged, altered or rendered unusable; and customer will defend, at its expense, indemnify and hold Lovecherry Ltd and/or its suppliers harmless against any damages or expenses that may occur (including reasonable legal’ fees and costs incurred), and pay any costs, damages or legal fees and costs incurred awarded against Lovecherry Ltd or its suppliers resulting from such claim

5.6 The customer agrees only to send data that is legal in the UK for data recovery and acknowledges that Lovecherry Limited must comply with the law in the UK and that law authorities will be called when required.

5.7 The customer agrees that all media and its content provided to Lovecherry Ltd is legal and the lawful possession of the client and that the client has the legal right to request data recovery services, as described under the Laws of England and Wales. 

These Terms and Conditions were last modified on 25th October 2019.

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