CyberGhost VPN Router Netgear Nighthawk R7000 AC1900 Flashed DD-WRT Router VPN-Router

Cyber Ghost VPN Router Netgear Nighthawk R7000 AC1900 Flashed With DD-WRT Firmware. 

Get All Your Devices On CyberGhost. Just Plug In A VPN Router Into The Back Of Your Existing Router & It Will Automatically Share Your Cyber Ghost VPN Service To Any Of Your Devices That You Connect To The VPN Router.

An Existing CyberGhost Subscription Is Required. This Is A Great Way To Connect As Many Devices By OpenVPN As You Like Without Being Restricted. 


Plug In & Protect - Become Private & Anonymous

Your Internet Use Will Be Encrypted & You Will Be Anonymous When You Use Your New VPN Router With Your VPN Service. Reclaim Your Right To Privacy. Stop Snoopers & Hackers Monitoring Your Internet Use So That You Can Safely Use The Internet Again.

Buying This VPN Router Allows You To Connect Almost Any Device To Your VPN Service By Simply Connecting Them To This VPN Router.

Connect Your Smart TV, Any TV Box, Android TV Box, Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, iPhone, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Macs, PCs, Tablets & Many More When You Buy This VPN Router.

Compatible With All UK & EU Internet Service Providers.

Our VPN Routers Have Been Configured So They Are Compatible With All UK Internet Service Providers & All Hubs & Routers. This Includes BT, EE, Plusnet, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media & Vodaphone. Also Works With All EU ISPs and Most Worldwide.

Gaming VPN Router

Now You Can Connect Your Playstation 4 & Xbox One To Your VPN Service With This Router. Just Connect Them To This VPN Router To Access Your VPN Service.

Connect PS4 to VPN & Connect Xbox One To VPN. This Is Essential To Protect Both Your Online Play & Network.

Easy Set-up.

We Have Made It Very Easy To Set Up This Fast VPN Router. You Can Just Plug It Into Your Existing Router.

You Just Plug It In To A Working Ethernet Port On Your Old Router. There Is No Need To Make Any Changes To Either Router.

Share Your Existing VPN Service to Anything Connected To Your New VPN Router.

Then You Just Connect Your Devices To Your New VPN Router As Normal - Easy!.

So Every Device You Connect To Your Old Router Will Still Be On Your Normal Internet.

Everything You Connect To Your New VPN Router Will Be On Your VPN Service.

This Is A Great Way To Get Any Device Including Smart TVs, Android TV Boxes, Fire TV Sticks & Gaming Consoles On To A VPN Service.

This VPN Router Has An Automatic Kill Switch That Will Keep You Safe When Your VPN Service Disconnects

This VPN Router Has An Automatic Kill Switch That Stops You Accessing The Internet & Exposing Your IP Address  When Your VPN Service Disconnects.

Your VPN Router Will Then Automatically Re-establish  The Connection With Your VPN Service & You Will Then Be Able To Use The Internet Again Safely Within Seconds.

Imagine Having This VPN Router At Home With Your VPN Service Installed On It.

This Gives You An Extra Layer of Hardware Security That Is Just Not Possible When Using A VPN On Your Computer Alone.

Stay Safe On All Your Devices & Buy This VPN Router Today. Do Not Risk Exposing Your Personal Details Online By Not Using One.

All VPNs Get Disconnected & Our VPN Routers Will Keep You Safe & Reconnect You Quickly Again When This Happens.

This Cyber Ghost VPN Router Is Pre-Configured So You Can Easily Connect To CyberGhost VPN

  Package Contents

  • Netgear Nighthawk R7000 AC1900 Router Flashed With DD-WRT Firmware & Configured For Use With Cyber Ghost VPN
  • Power supply unit
  • Quick Installation Guide

We Make It Easy- This Is All You Need To Do To Order & Use Your CyberGhost VPN Router

  • DD-WRT & OpenVPN Are Pre-Installed On All Our DDWRT Routers & We Do All This Setup For You.
  • DD-WRT Is The Firmware (Small Operating System) We Flash Onto The VPN Router So It Can Connect Using OpenVPN To Your VPN Service.
  • So All You Have To Do Is Complete The Products Options When Ordering - Select Your VPN Service From The Drop Down List Or Just Type It In The Box.
  • You Can Select If You Want Us To Add The Username & Password That Your VPN Service Gave You Or You Can Choose To Add It Yourself By Following The Easy Instructions. ( A Subscription To A VPN Service Is Required)
  • Unless You Type Another Country In The Server Option Box We Initially Set Your New VPN Router With A UK Server.
  • When You Visit Any Website Via Your VPN Router You Will Be Anonymous Because The Website Only Sees The IP Address Of Your VPN Server.
  • Most Customers Want To Access UK Content So It Is Best To Use A UK Server So You Appear To Be In The UK As Some Websites Will Restrict Content If You Do Not Appear To Be From The UK.
  • We Supply Easy Instructions So You Can Change Server & Country When You Want To. If You Do Want Another Country To Be Set At First Then Just Type It In The Box.
  • When You Receive Your New VPN Router You Just Follow Plug It Into Your Existing Router. Then All Your Internet Use From The VPN Router Will Be Encrypted & You Will Be Anonymous.
  • This Keeps You Safe From Snoopers & Hackers Monitoring Your Internet Use.
  • Includes 3 Months Free Online Support To Ensure You Get Connected To Your Home Network & VPN Provider. 
  • We Have Pre-Configured Your VPN Router So That You Can Easily Connect To Your VPN Provider. You Just Plug It In!
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Buy Now For Fast & Free UK Delivery.

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