Pre Configured VPN Router For Use With Proton VPN Service. No Paying Subscription Required. Tomato Flashed Nighthawk

 Pre Configured VPN Router. Free Unlimited Proton VPN Service - Tomato Flashed Nighthawk. This VPN Router Works With Proton VPNs Free Option & Is Pre Configured For The Free Option With Proton VPN. 

Pre Configured VPN Router. Free Unlimited Proton VPN Service - Tomato Flashed Nighthawk. This VPN Router Works With Proton VPNs Free Option & Is Pre Configured For The Free Option With Proton VPN. You Can Sign Up Completely Anonymously With A Free Proton Mail Account. Easy & Free & No Credit Card Needed!

  • Get fast Wi-Fi speeds – Upto 3.2 Gbps.
  • Tri-Band Wi-Fi delivers more Wi-Fi for more devices.
  • Six high performance antennas for enhanced range.
  • Smart-connect designates slower and faster devices to separate Wi-Fi bands.
  • 1 GHz dual core processor with three offload processors.
  • Beamforming+ improves wireless range and reliability.
  • We have installed custom tomato firmware making this the best tomato router for streaming content via your vpn service to all devices in your home
  • When you buy from us we ensure you get connected to your VPN Service and your home network
  • This VPN Router Is Pre-Configured So You Can Easily Connect To Your Proton VPN Provider.

    We Make It Easy To Get Connected!

    You Can Sign Up Anonymously For Proton VPN Just With Your Proton Mail Email Address. No Other Personal Details Are Required! Now You Can Get A Free VPN Service To Use On Your New VPN Router.

    Thats A Brilliant Extra Layer Of Anonymity.

     Look What Proton VPN Say  

    “We respect your privacy so no personal identifying information is required to obtain a ProtonVPN account. You can sign up with an anonymous ProtonMail email account and use our anonymous VPN without disclosing your identity.”

     Proton VPN Is Brought To You By The Same Team Who Brought You Proton Mail. 

    Proton Mail Is A Swiss Based Encrypted Email Service With A Free Option. 

    Proton VPN Is A Swiss Based VPN Service That Also Has A Great Free Option.

    ProtonVPN Free Option

    Our VPN Routers For ProtonVPNs Free Service Have Been Setup To Work With Proton VPN & Come Configured Already For The Free Proton VPN Server That Is Based In The Netherlands. This Is A Good Privacy Location.

    Unlike Many Other Free VPN Services, Proton VPN Is Genuine.We Have Tested The Free Proton VPN Service  -It Works Well On Our VPN Routers.

     The Free Service Still Has Unlimited Bandwidth. The Only Thing You Cant Do On The Free Service Is P2P Downloads or Torrenting.

    The Server Is Located In The Netherlands So You Cant Use It For Geo-restricted UK Sites. For Most Of Our Customers This Would Not Be An Issue. 

    We Have Tested This Free Service On Our VPN Routers & Its Great For All Normal Home & Business Internet Use. Watching Videos Worked Well On YouTube Etc.  

     Required Next Steps If You Want To Sign Up With Proton VPN So You Can Have A Free VPN Service On Your New VPN Router

    1. Ensure You Have A Second Email Address That You Can Use In The Proton Mail Sign Up Process. If You Need One You Can Get One Here 
    2. Sign Up For Free With Proton Mail At This Link To Get Your Proton Mail Email Address
    3. Sign Up Here For Free With Proton VPN Using Your Proton Mail Email Address
    4. Get Your Proton VPN OpenVPN Username & Proton OpenVPN Password
    5. Order Your VPN Router & When You Receive It Just Follow The Printed Instructions To Add These To The VPN Router Or Simply Send These To Us When Ordering By Selecting The " I like it easy option" & Entering Your ProtonVPN OpenVPN Username & ProtonVPN OpenVPN Password Into The Products Option Boxes So We Can Add Them For You.

     Click On A VPN Router below to look at our Proton VPN Routers and See The Products Setup Options & Then You Will Understand The Above.

      When Ordering Just Select "My VPN Is Not Listed Here" & Type Proton VPN In The VPN Service Box When Ordering.

  • This VPN Router Comes With A Fast Processor Which Makes It Ideal For Streaming Content Via Your VPN Service.

  • Use Your VPN Service On This Router For Streaming Services All Over Your House.

    Your VPN Service Allows You To Access Geo-locked Content & Keeps You Safe Whilst Enjoying Great Entertainment.

    Buying This Router Allows You To Connect Almost Any Device To Your VPN Service By Simply Connecting Them To This Router.

    Connect Your Smart TV, Android TV Box, Any Make Of TV Boxes, Apple TV, TV Stick, iPhone, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Macs, PCs, Tablets & Many More When You Buy This Router.

    Gaming Router.

    Now You Can Connect Your Playstation 4 & Xbox One To Your VPN Service With This Router. Just Connect Them To This Router To Access Your VPN Service.

    Yes Connect PS4 To VPN & Connect Xbox One To VPN. This Is Essential To Protect Both Your Online Play & Network.

    Compatible With All UK & EU Internet Service Providers.

    Our Routers Have Been Configured So They Are Compatible With All UK & EU  Internet Service Providers & All Hubs & Routers. This Includes BT, EE, Plusnet, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media & Vodaphone.

    Easy Setup.

    We Have Made It Very Easy To Set Up This Fast Router. You Can Just Plug It In Alongside Your Existing Router.

    You Just Plug It In To A Working Ethernet Port On Your Old Router. There Is No Need To Make Any Changes To Either Router.

    Then You Just Connect Your Devices To Your New VPN Router As Normal - Easy!.

    This Easy Setup Essentially Gives You Two Networks – One On Each Router.

    A Nice Use For This Is To Use One Network For Normal Internet & Use The Second Network For VPN Only.

    So Every Device You Connect To Your Old Router Will Be On Your Normal Internet.

    Everything You Connect To Your New Router Will Be On Your VPN Service.

    This Is A Great Way To Get Most Devices Including Smart TVs, Android TV Boxes & Gaming Consoles On To A VPN Service.

    This VPN Router Is Pre-Configured So You Can Easily Connect To Your Proton VPN Provider.

     Buy Now - We Make It Easy

    • TomatoUSB & OpenVPN Are Pre-Installed On All Our Tomato Routers
    • Easy Set-up Just Plug In
    • We Provide 3 Months Free Email Support From The Date Of Purchase To Help You WithThe Initial Set-up Of Your VPN Router
    • We Have Pre-Configured This VPN Router So That You Can Easily Connect To Your Proton VPN Provider
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Buy Now For Free UK Delivery
    • When You Buy From Us We Ensure You Get Connected

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