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How To Add Your IPVanish Username, Password & Select A Server

March 18, 2016 1 min read

Many Of Our Customers Like To Use IPVanish VPN

If You Add A Note "Configure for IPVanish" At Checkout When You Order We Will Configure Your DD-WRT Router To Use Your IPVanish Service. 

Then All You Need To Do After You Sign Up With IPVanish Is To Simply Add Your IPVanish Details.

Editing IP Vanish Start Up Script – To Add Your Username & Password or Change Server.

Access your router by typing into your browser

When you see the dd-wrt window - Click Administration

Enter your router username and password if requested 

Click Commands

Scroll down and click on Edit in Start Up Window

Scroll back up to the Command Shell Window

Replace the Username in the speech marks with your Username. Keep the speech marks.

Replace the Password in the speech marks with your Password. Keep the speech marks.

You can find a list of server addresses on the IPVanish site where you login .

To change servers remove the old server address and replace with a new one.

Scroll down and click Save Start Up

Then click on Administration, Management and Reboot Router.

Wait 5 mins.

Close and reopen a new browser window

Wait 5 mins and you will be connected to your VPN

Anything You Now Connect To Your DD-WRT Router Will Now Be Connected To IPVanish VPN

Our " I like it easy option" is the most popular way to buy a router from us.

Simply supply us with your IPVanish username and password when ordering in the product options. Click here to see this IPVanish Router