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Configuration Service & Rasberry Pi Model 4 B To Access Your Home Internet On Phone

Use Your Home Internet On Your Phone Whilst On Holiday Or Working Or Living Abroad

We now have found a solution that does not use traditional VPN Services but allows you to use your home internet service on your android mobile phone or iPhone from any country or location. This solution in part uses an app from Zerotier and uses their Free Service. 

This will work as long as you have signed up for the Free Service with Zerotier and downloaded the recommended Zerotier app on your phone and your phone has an internet connection and you have the small pc box that we sell connected to your normal home Internet Service Provider router in the UK.

This will work on all Internet Service Provider routers as it just cant be blocked.

We are experts with VPN solutions as we have been selling VPN Routers on our website since 2016. We often see customers who want to access UK websites and services that they normally watch in the UK from abroad.

Many use a VPN service to do this. Sometimes this works great and other times it only works for a while as the server from the vpn service may end up on a banned list and then you cant access the websites that you want.

So there is often a cat and mouse game between vpn services and websites. 

With this alternative solution you can access or watch anything on your phone in any location that you could normally access or watch when you are sitting in your house because in a way your phone, as far as the internet is concerned, is still sitting in your UK house even if you are really in an exotic location.

Now please understand that you still need an active internet connection for your phone. Lets say you are in Spain ( but it could be any other country). You mobile phone would still need to be connected to an internet service that is providing it with the internet.

So it would need to be connected to your router in Spain by wifi or to a roaming cellular network or a Spanish cellular network. Your phone will continue to use internet data and cost you money just like it normally does.

The difference being that if you have the small pc that will supply and you pay us to do the configuration for you that your phone will also connect by the Zerotier app to your home before it reaches out to the internet. 

This means that the web requests your phone makes and the replies it gets will all come through your home internet service. Obviously this means you must have a working internet connection at your home or a friends home in the UK and the small pc we supply must be kept turned on and also connected to your home router with the cable we supply.

This pc box is a small Pi that comes in a case and has low power consumption and is designed to be left on all the time. This will also have the app from Zerotier on it and some extra configuration done on the pi by us to make your phone use your home internet.

We are deliberately trying not to be technical. We are just talking about what can be done and why you may want to do it and how you can buy the pi box pc and pay for us to do all the required configuration for you.

The Zerotier app has nothing to do with us and we have no relationship with them. We just think its very cool and works really well. You will be the customer with Zerotier and not us. You will just be paying us to supply you with a pi pc and to do all the networking setup for you so that you can use the pi and the Zerotier app as a solution to allow your mobile phone to use your internet service at your UK home just by ticking a box on the app when you want to use it.

We also provide 90 days free support to ensure you get your phone connected and your Rasberry Pi comes with a one year warranty.

If you need extra support after the support period we can provide 1 years extra support for currently £75. You would just pay for this if you require it. Support is given by email and a remote connection to your rasberry pi that you can enable us to connect to by just ticking one box. We cant connect to your Pi if you dont tick this box and all pi boxes are sent out by us with this box unticked but if you need help we can help you.

You do need to be a customer with Zerotier and Zerotier currently has a free service for small users as they sell their premium service to companies. If at some point Zerotier decide to charge for their service then you would need to pay them if you still wanted to use this solution. So you should consider this before going ahead. Zerotier has been offering a free service for  years so we feel it is likely to continue.

All connections are encrypted and Zerotier and us and your ISP cant see your internet traffic. Bur unlike a VPN service you will not be anonymous as the whole point of this is that you are using your Home internet service and therefore your home IP address to access the internet. So if you are a master spy or you plan to take over the world you should not use this service! 

 Zerotier does some very clever networking to connect your devices initially via their Zerotier servers and then directly to each other in a peer to peer network. This means you get a faster connection than with a traditional VPN once the peer to peer network is established as your devices will be talking directly to each other.

How to buy the Pi and pay for our networking configuration service. Step by Step..

 1. Click on the Buy Now Button and buy the Pi. The networking charge is included in the total. 

2. Vist the Zerotier website by clicking this link  . Sign up for their free service. Do not download the app for your phone yet.

3. Email us your Zerotier Username and Zerotier Password. After the initial setup we will send you instructions so you can change your Zerotier password so we will no longer have access to your Zerotier account.

4. We will setup your Rasberry Pi for you and do all the required networking. 

5. We will send you an email and ask you to follow the instructions on the Zerotier website and download the app onto your phone.

6. We will ask you to send us some information that is shown on the Zerotier app that is on your phone. This is so we can ensure we connect the correct phone to your rasberry pi.

7. We will check that your phone and rasberry pi are connected correctly in a Zerotier Network.

8. We will then ask you to untick your phone so it is no longer connected to the Rasberry pi.

7. We will then post the Rasberry pi to you. We will ask you by email to now change the password with Zerotier to lock us out of your account.This is easy todo but we send you instructions in the email anyway.

8. When you receive the rasberry pi you follow the printed instructions to connect the pi to your home router with the supplied cable. You just plug it in and no port forwarding or any other changes need to be made to your home router or network. Its simply plug n play as all the required stuff has already been configured on the rasberry pi for you.

9. You can choose to use your phone normally or by using your home internet service simply by ticking or unticking one box on the Zerotier app. When you tick the box so your phone joins your Zerotier network it will use your home internet. When you untick the box it will leave the Zerotier network so your phone will use its normal method to connect to the internet.

This is a fantastic and easy way to use your phone to do what you want it to do from any location.

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