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December 20, 2018 2 min read

We were told by a customer "There are too many options - what do I have todo to use a VPN Router?"

4 Steps To Use A VPN Router

You need to sign up and be paying a subscription to a VPN service before you can use a VPN Router. 


If you follow these 4 steps you will have a solution.


  1. go to and sign up. They will give you a nord VPN username and password that you will enter into the option boxes in step 2.


  1. go to this link and buy this VPN Router and enter the Nord VPN username and password into the option boxes


  1. We will set the router up for you and send it out to you. When you receive it you take it out the box and then connect it from its marked Internet port to an ethernet port on the back of  your existing router with the supplied ethernet cable.


  1. Have a cup of tea. When you have finished your tea your VPN Router will have connected to your VPN service.


Now everything that you connected to your VPN router either by Ethernet cable or wifi will only access the internet via your VPN service.


Anything connected to your old existing router will continue to access the internet normally.


I hope that offers a clear path to a solution.


Other VPN Providers we recommend are IPVanish and Express VPN and we recommend the Archer C7 router here as its very good value and does a great job.




Dave VPN Router Support