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October 18, 2020 1 min read

With most devices like a mobile phone or a laptop when you search for a network there will be an indication of how strong, how many bars that network has.
In most cases you can simply connect your device to the network with the stronger signal coming from your VPN Router. 
In general its a good idea to use the stronger signal and use 2.4GHz where the signal has to go through a lot of walls and 5Ghz where you have line of sight with the router but if the signal is strong connect to it.
Changing Server On A VPN Router 
Most customers do not need to do this and just leave their VPN Router set on a UK server.
All our VPN Routers come with printed instructions so that you can change server if you want to.
They differ for each router but typically you type the IP address of your VPN Router into the address bar and then enter the routers username and password when asked.
This will open up the routers interface and you scroll down in the menu to "openvpn client"
You type in the new servers address ( that you can get from the server list of your VPN service) and click save.
In most cases you then just reboot the router and connect to the new server.
We can also help you if you get stuck doing this with your new vpnrouter as we provide email support.