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DD-WRT Kill Switch & Tomato Kill Switch.

October 03, 2016 1 min read

All Our VPN Routers, Now Come With A Built In Hardware Kill Switch That Stops You Accessing The Internet & Exposing Your IP Address When Your VPN Service Disconnects.

Our VPN Routers Also Reconnect You Automatically When Your VPN Service Is Connected Again.

Using Your VPN Service On One Of Our DD-WRT Routers or Tomato Routers Gives You An Extra Layer of Hardware Security That Is Just Not Possible From Your Computer Alone. Stay Safe On All Your Devices & Buy A VPN Router Today & Enjoy The Benefits Of The Kill Switch.

Using A VPN Service Like IPVanish On One Of Our Routers Prevents Your ISP From Throttling Your Internet Connection - No More Buffering! 

Using Your VPN Service On One Of Our VPN Routers Also Gives You The Added Protection Of A Hardware Kill Switch That Will Prevent You Going On The Internet Unprotected When Your VPN Service Gets Disconnected.