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October 20, 2022 2 min read

Just Connect Your Smart TV To A VPN Router. You Dont Need To Install The App On Your TV. Just Connect the VPN Router To Your Old Existing Router With The Supplied Cable.

You Dont Need To Install The App From Your VPN Service. Just Buy A VPN Router.

Did You Know, Lets Pretend You Live In Italy  

If you buy a VPN Router and you are paying a vpn service like Nord vpn or Express vpn then we can install your vpn service settings on the vpn router for you. 

When you receive your new vpn router ( you can use discount code cyber20 on checkout to save £20 off the router price) you will connect it with the supplied cable to your existing router.

 You now have two routers.

 Anything you keep connected to your old existing router will access the internet normally and for example if you are in Italy the rest of the internet will see that you are in Italy. 

Anything that you connect to your new VPN Router like a smart tv for instance will only access the internet via your vpn service. Your new VPN Router connects with a UK server from your VPN service so the rest of the internet will see that you are in the UK.

This can be very useful for Expats missing home. 

Because your have a VPN router you dont need to try to add the app from the VPN service to your smart TV. 

Using a VPN Router is an easy way to get your smart tv using your vpn service.

You do of course need to be paying a subscription to the VPN service. Nord VPN and Express VPN are the most popular with our customers.

We do have lots of Expat customers in most countries in Europe using our VPN Routers.

Please note we only deliver to the UK but you can normally get the VPN Router delivered to a friends address in the UK when placing your order. 


We recommend this VPN Router and remember to use your discount code.