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Important you need to make these changes to continue using your VPN router with CyberGhost VPN

November 06, 2017 2 min read

CyberGhost have changed the required settings with their service.


They are now using sha256 instead of md5 for increased security.


This is a link to the article from CyberGhost explaining this change.

We have published a blog post about this to inform our customers.


You will need to make the below changes to your Tomato Router to continue using your VPN Router with CyberGhost.


Log into your router from a browser like Mozilla Firefox


Type into the address bar and when asked enter the username and password for your router. These are detailed in the printed instructions that were sent with your VPN Router.


On the menu on the left scroll down to


VPN Tunnelling


Open VPN Client


And then go along and click the Advanced tab in the OpenVPN Client


Look half way down the page and you will see a button it will either say “Stop” or “Start Now”


If you click the button it will change from one to the other.



You need to ensure the button says “Start Now”


Now you can scroll back up a bit and change one line in the Custom Configuration box


Delete auth md5 and replace it with:         auth sha256


Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.


Wait 2 mins then turn your VPN Router off and then back on by the power button


Wait 10 mins and then your VPN Router will be working with CyberGhost again.


Job Done!


Please do try to make these changes yourself but if you need any help with this or you are using a DD-WRT router then please contact